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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

, originally uploaded by slowchildrenatplay.

We leave in the morning for the happiest place on earth. Two adults, five kids, one mini-van. We don't all expect to make it back alive.

If we're lucky, we'll avoid torrential rain. But....rain=shorter lines, so its really a no-lose scenario. I'm just hoping to get some good people watching pics. Maybe I'll get lucky and spot an asian or two.

So until Sunday, blog amongst yourselves. Being as considerate as I am, here's some topics to get you started:

-Kristine's birthday gifts. She likes sparkly stuff. Mail today and it'll be in the mailbox waiting for her.

-How much longer can yellow-toothed Gary Sinise look-alike Constantine survive on American Idol? Did Mario leave because of a potential steroid scandal?

-When a kids shoots and kills nine people in middle school, does it still go on his permanent record? I'm guessing some of the Ivy League schools would frown upon that sort of thing.

Well, I've done it....I've mixed Disneyland and school shootings in the same post. My work is done. See ya Sunday.

posted by Shaun at 6:19 PM
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Its dark and rainy outside. The thunder rattles the monitor and the lightning flickrs (pun intended) through the window blinds.

I'm lamely posting about my laundry exploits, and Blogger just posts on its own. Three times. I didn't click anything, did nothing. In the middle of typing, just decided enough was enough and posted. I had to go in and delete two of the three posts.

Working on the remaining post, and the photos just vanish from the blog. Poof. Gone. I go back in and replace them, then the angry Blogger posts again on its own. Only twice this time.

I sprinkle holy water across the keyboard and fix it again.

"The power of blogs compels thee!! The power of blogs compels

The monitor turns completely around. Yahoo Messenger pops up and says horrible things about my mother. The computer desk shakes and violently jumps up and down.

Then, calm. The blog seems ok, is only listed once, and I think is grammatically correct (didn't push my luck spell-checking). Of course, this happens when I'm alone and its dark outside. I'll never fall asleep now.

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, originally uploaded by slowchildrenatplay.

With Kristine and the kids gone, I'm finally able to let loose and have a crazy night!!! Boy is she gonna be pissed when she finds out about tonight (our little secret....so shhhhh)!!

I had whites....I had darks....delicates...it was INSANE!! I can't believe they put a freaking surveillance camera in there. Caught me with a whole freaking bottle!! I'll probably end up on the internet...sorry mom and dad!!

laundry cam

A little while later I got wayyyy brave and decided to get down and dirty. Man, its like I was another person. Sorry honey!!!

alone 016

I'm embarrassed and ashamed. But oh well....what happens in the laundry room STAYS IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!! woooooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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