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Sunday, May 01, 2005

, originally uploaded by slowchildrenatplay.

You'll have to excuse my absence from Blogville over the last few days. My dad is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. While he's still there, it looks like it was treated quickly enough to limit the damage to his heart. We'll know more soon.

Scary stuff, obviously. No word on whether the recent Pope Idol and/or Constantine drama had anything to do with his heart attack. Actually, we joked about Constantine's departure while he was still in the ER. Of course, he was also on Morphine and explaining to me what a good idea it was to have moving air vents on the ceiling for the patients (it wasn't moving....but I played along). Also, 'Advancement Preferences' is the new PC term for putting in writing any restrictions you want placed on life support issues. My Dad said his preference was to not die. Good enough for me.

He laughed when Kristine showed up with a box of Jujubes (Seinfeld reference that he appreciated), and laughed again today when he and my son watched and did a little play-by-play of pro bowling on tv. He's the funniest man I've ever known. He laughs a lot, and I'm glad that it looks like he'll still be laughing with me for awhile.

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers, especially to the bestest jujube-getting girlfriend ever. Having an 'in' with the Pope is paying dividends already.

posted by Shaun at 2:04 AM
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Blogger Susie commented at 4:21 AM~  

Now, Shaun, you might want to think rethink that headline. 'Cause I thought you were trying to get your Dad back into therapy!
Seriously, you've all been in my prayers. Very happy to hear that things are looking good. I'll pray that all keeps heading in the right direction.
It is not surprising to hear that you Dad is a funny dude;)

Anonymous Constantine commented at 4:24 AM~  

Hey, yo, Shaun, now that I'm the Ass. Man., I can give away free food.

As soon as your Dad Advances back to his Preference of being on the couch, you bring him to Burger City, and I'll treat you both to the the #3 (Heart-Healthy) Combo.

Anonymous mrtl commented at 6:25 AM~  

Hoping things get better each day, Shaun.

Constantine, you are too sweet!

Blogger kimmyk commented at 6:33 AM~  

Sorry to hear bout your dad. I'll continue to keep yer dad/family in my thoughts and prayers.

Blogger KC commented at 7:04 AM~  

Shaun - I'm really glad to hear that your Dad is going to be OK. My Dad had a stroke a few years back and I remember how scared I was.

You will continue to be in my thoguhts and prayers until your Dad can get home and get that #3 from the Ass. Man. Constantine.

(I just realized that my title at work is the Ass. Prop. Man. ewwwww - I don't think that's so good. Time to talk to the boss about becoming just a Prop. Man.)

Blogger dashababy commented at 7:17 AM~  

I like that picture of your dad. It put a smile on my face immediately. I feel like I know him even tho I have never met him because Kris goes on and on about how funny he is and I dont doubt that for a sec.
Im just remembering the story you told me about taking your unsuspecting grandparents on space mountain when you were a kid and your grandpa lost his glasses.. hahaha.
and your dad was laughing. Luckily they had strong hearts back then, eh?

Blogger little sister commented at 8:36 AM~  

My thoughts and prayers are with your dad and the rest of your family, Shaun. I can't imagine how scary all of this must be.

And I'm with Susie...had I not seen Kristine's post re the ER, I would have thought you were trying to get your dad back to the shrink - lol.

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 10:16 AM~  

Shaun's dad has 'his spot' on the couch. Whenever I go over there I will sit in his spot just so he'll come over and give me that look.

I say, "Oh, am I in your spot?"

He never makes me move, but insists on sitting next to me.

I love him so much.

Blogger Cat commented at 5:32 AM~  

Shaun, I am SO glad your dad's going to be all right. That's a scary thing... My dad had a massive heart attack on my son's bedroom floor during a visit, and I have NEVER been so frightened in my whole life!

And it totally cracks me up that you guys joked about Constantine in the ER. See? Do you see how AI brings people together?! GOSH. It will definitely not be the same with out Connie. No sir.

I'm happy you'll all still be laughing together. God bless.

Oh, and Constantine is NOT GAY!

Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 7:49 AM~  

So sorry to hear about your dad! I hope he gets all better soon!

Blogger Mrs.Strizzay commented at 11:32 AM~  

That all sounds promising Shaun, good luck to you and yours.

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