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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Our girls' 6th grade class has been sending letters to Dennis since he arrived in Afghanistan last year. He's enjoyed reading the letters and has passed them along to other troops for their enjoyment.

Today, he visited his little sisters and fellow pen-pals at school. He forgot his boots, so he wasn't able to attend in uniform, as he'd hoped to do. It didn't matter. He had the attention, and respect, of the entire class.

For an hour, he answered questions about weapons and vehicles and life in the army....but mostly questions about food. He got more sympathy when he told them that he ate cafeteria food, like they do, only THREE times a day(yuck, even the pretend tuna on a bagel), than he got when he told them about rocket attacks and land mines. Most of the kids' questions were very impressive, but he got the most enjoyment answering some of the more detailed questions with an "I'm not able to talk about that" answer. Ooooh, top secret army stuff. Now he REALLY had their attention.

At the end of the meeting, they took a class picture with their new hero. When they asked him for his autograph, he was blown away. I couldn't have been prouder, and I don't think he could either.

posted by Shaun at 8:49 PM
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Blogger dashababy commented at 10:39 PM~  

awwe, you musta been bursting with pride. that is so neat that he did that. what a hero. i love him. ((sigh))

Blogger Cat commented at 6:51 AM~  

I hate you. I am totally tearing up here, and I'm at work pretending to be professional and "busy."

And I LOVE that he played the Top Secret card. Awesome! My kids would have eaten that up, I kid you not. What a good kid he is. Seriously.

Blogger dashababy commented at 7:06 AM~  

just noticed your cute boy picture over there. look how cute you are!!!
you and kris would have cute babies. :D

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 7:13 AM~  


Did my sister just pull the baby card?

Shaun, she's going to start hinting on other things soon.

Anonymous mrtl commented at 7:50 AM~  

Sweet! I'm sure all the little girls were swooning over his cuteness.

Who's the little kid? Couldn't be Shaun! (no goggles)

Blogger dashababy commented at 8:20 AM~  

hehehe, its a good thing shaun is fixed cuz we all know how good you are at taking "those little pills". your kids, if that were possible, would be seriously crazed demented little things with really nice lips.

Blogger KC commented at 8:25 AM~  

How fun for the kids and Dennis! He seems like a really super-great guy. Bless him for keeping us safe!

Blogger Shaun commented at 9:04 AM~  

lol Kath. Yes, thats my 6th grade picture. Thank God I'm already fixed, don't really need to see a birth photo blog.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 9:36 AM~  

'So Proud, So Proud'
My Heart is Bursting. Thank You Dennis for putting your life on the line for us. Wow!.Shaun didn't notice that handsome Dude pix taken of you when you were a youngster. and many years later you still are a handsome Dude.. Love You...x0x0x0x0

Blogger Shaun commented at 10:43 AM~  

I think I still have thar rust and gold big-collared shirt....might have to break it out and wear that bad boy this weekend.

Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 11:06 AM~  

That is a fucking awesome story Shaun! They ask for his autograph..How freakin CUTE!

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