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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

OK, networks....Kristine needs some better TiVo choices. As usual, I'm offering my help. Over the next few posts, I'll throw a few ideas out there that will guarantee some ratings. First up, "Pimp My Cart".

One of the big complaints from the homeless(other than being homeless, cold, and hungry) is the poor quality of shopping carts. These aren't your homeless grandparents' American steel shopping carts....these are Asian alloy and plastic carts that offer little in terms of functionality or attractiveness on today's homeless scene. These things might get you from Produce to Dairy, but try taking one over the curb with a sleeping bag, one-eyed dog, and Glad-bag full of aluminum cans. Yeah right, it'd be easier just to go get a real job! Thats where "Pimp My Cart" steps in.

For one week, we'll borrow some bum's rolling crib and turn that mutha outtttt. At my custom cart customizing garage, West Coast Shoppers, we'll hook up the cart with everything from plasma tv's to neon curb lights.


posted by Shaun at 10:52 AM
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Blogger Sissychong commented at 12:51 PM~  

Oh my freakin word! You are hilarious, can I nominate a little old homeless lady I see all over the city? She always has her arms full of bags. Plastic bags, paper bags, I have no idea what she has in them, but I bet she would feel down right spiffy to have a pimped out cart to carry them!

Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented at 1:54 PM~  

You know that little flap in the seat part? The thing that can flip up so stuff doesn't fall out of the leg holes? (when no child is riding, obviously) That TOTALLY needs to be a flatscreen monitor... and you MUST put spinning rims on those 4 wheels, because - well... that's how we do.

Blogger little sister commented at 7:53 AM~  

Wow! 'Bout time someone exploited the homeless and their hooptie shopping carts for entertainment purposes!

Hey, can you do an episode in Indianapolis. There are quite a few homeless who would really really appreciate a shopping cart make-over!

Blogger Cat commented at 7:58 AM~  

Drippy, you've been TAGGED. Mwah ha ha! Go to my blog to see the drill. Or ask Kristine. It's all her fault anyway.

Anonymous President of C.R.A.P. commented at 11:02 AM~  

On behalf of C.R.A.P. (Cart-pushers Really Are People), it is my distinct pleasure to nominate you as CRAP MAN of the Year.

So many citizens, particularly women, live in fear of someday ending up on the street, pushing a rinky-ass, hoopty of a shopping cart.

Your charitable program will give hope to current and future homeless people everywhere, that even if they do end up in that situation, there is HOPE. Hope is what you're providing, here, Mister.

So that all can say, "I may be a cart-pusher, but I'm pushing a bad-ass, pimped-out muthafucka of a cart, AIN'T I, BITCH?" Of course, we encourage our clients not to speak that way, but what can you do?

I believe you will make an excellent CRAP MAN of the Year.

Blogger Tina commented at 12:49 PM~  

I want to help steel the carts. I can also help with the graphics. I have lots of great colored nail polish that would make great looking carts.

Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 2:11 PM~  

Shaun..you are a freakin crazy ass mofo'
I totally would watch PIMP MY CART..totally

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