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Monday, May 23, 2005


I'm going through a mini-blog slump currently. The organization is sending me down to the minors to work on funny remarks and doctored photos. I'll be guest starring on Krisitine's blog in the meantime.

posted by Shaun at 8:20 AM
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Blogger KC commented at 5:07 PM~  

Nooooooooooo Shaun. Say it ain't so.

I'll miss you :) But I know that you'll be back ;)

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 7:31 PM~  

i still love you. i like you over on my blog. you're always welcome to come and hang out and rub my feet and tell me you love me and get me soda wif ice ......

oh shit, I just put ALL that in your comment section.

Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented at 8:17 PM~  

You clearly need to devote your time to starring in more music videos. I can't wait to hear the Pee Wee... it's going to be fabulous, I can just tell!

Blogger dashababy commented at 10:01 PM~  

I think your comments are even funnier than your blog most of the time. Well its a toss up... You and your hit and run type comedy. Thats what you are, the "Hitman of commenting". Kina has a ring to it, dontcha think?
Ok, I must be tired.

and KC must really love you, even tho she knows your a Raider fan.

Hey, ya oughta get Kris to wear the farkle glasses and teeth doin the "Effie" voice. Sounds only fair. Loved your video, btw.
Oh, or do one of those videos like cops where they come over and you have no shirt on, drunk, in the frontyard, abusing that toesock wearin girlfriend with a spatula. You could have a chase scene where you run thru backyards avoiding dogs like pitbulls and rottweilers.
Just a suggestion
Im delirious now, goin to bed.

Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 7:42 AM~  

We will be checking you out ova at your ho's blog.
What is her name again???
Oh yeh, Kristine.

Blogger KC commented at 9:35 AM~  

WHAT????? Shaun's a Raider fan too??? What are you people trying to do to me???? Kill me slowly?

Blogger Tina commented at 11:59 AM~  

Ok am I cursed or what, first MooCow leaves me now you? what is the Bolg world coming to??

Blogger little sister commented at 1:50 PM~  

Shaun, I just keep stopping by anyway. Your disclaimer cracks me up every time!

LOL @ Kristine's comment!

LMFAO @ Pissy's comment!

Blogger Cat commented at 8:58 AM~  

Come ON, Shaun! Snap out of it, already! We miss you and all of your lovely snark!

Come baaaaaaaaack! Or I'll tell the Betty's on you.

Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 11:34 AM~  


Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented at 12:03 PM~  

My life is so... so INCOMPLETE without your blogging. I mean, I really expected to at least see some more video of you over at Kristine's. But OH NO - you just leave us hanging. Like commenting once in awhile, redoing bathrooms, being a super Dad and boyfriend, etc. is such hard work. Sheesh! :-)

Blogger Sissychong commented at 12:03 PM~  

When is this mini-blog-slump thing gonna end? Don't they have a pill for that?

Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented at 8:27 PM~  

And still... we wait. You know this is going to have to be over-the-top good, right?

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