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Monday, April 25, 2005


, originally uploaded by slowchildrenatplay.

My stepson Dennis is almost home on leave from Afghanistan. Tomorrow afternoon he'll actually be here. I know the military isn't for everybody (like me, for example), but damn if this kid didn't grow up and mature so incredibly quickly. I'm VERY VERY proud of him, can't wait to spend some time with him before he goes back. Welcome home, big guy!!!

posted by Shaun at 11:13 PM
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Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 6:21 AM~  

Very nice! You are such a good little man for taking care of him.
The military works wonders on BOYS doesn't it???

Anonymous LadyBug commented at 6:44 AM~  

Shame on you, Shaun. I come her for giggles, and you made me tear up with that one.

Seriously, though, I know you'll be glad to have your stepson home in the states for awhile. Tell him "thank you" for me, will ya?

Blogger Shaun commented at 7:29 AM~  

hehehe, sorry ladybug. Thats why I kept it short.

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 9:18 AM~  

"incredibly quickly"

Yeah, you are no longer allowed to pick on the way I write.

Welcome Home Dennis!!

Blogger Shaun commented at 9:44 AM~  

huh? what's wrong with 'incredibly quickly' ?

am I missing something?

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 9:50 AM~  

you can't use the words incredibily quickly back to back.

Blogger Shaun commented at 9:58 AM~  

sure you can...they're adverbs. They're used to modify verbs, other adverbs, or adjectives. 'Quickly' is describing 'growing up', 'incredibly' is describing 'quickly'.

Cat, this is your specialty. We need a ruling.

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 10:11 AM~  

Nancy said it sounded fine. It just sounds incredibly weirdly to me.

Shouldn't it have been 'incredibly quick' ???

Blogger little sister commented at 11:24 AM~  

Well, folks, being the anal-retentive English major geekazoid legal secretary, I have to tell you that the use of 'incredibly quickly' is absolutely correct because 'quickly' is an adverb modifying the verb phrase 'grow up and mature'; 'incredibly' is an adverb that modifies 'quickly' incredibly appropriately.

I'm always the first to make fun of someone's incorrect usage (only if I don't like the person- hehehe), but for people I like, I'm happy to say props to Shaun for mad sweet use of Standard American English, dawg!

Most imporantly, however, thank you, Dennis, for serving and defending our country and all things American. I know a lot of people don't agree with what the Bush Administration has started here, but I continually remind people that regardless of the politics involved, Dennis and others like him are real, dedicated people who believe in America and its ordinary people, and I wear my yellow ribbon and flag every day to honor you.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 1:11 PM~  

Former English teacher here blessing the use of "incredibly quickly." You go, Shaun! Lolly has nothing on you!

And hey, give that kid a hug for me, and thank him for what he's doing for us.

mrtl (posting anonymously because your comments aren't giving me another choice)

Blogger dashababy commented at 3:26 PM~  

OMG, adverbs back to back. didnt know it could be done but the way little sister describes it, makes perfect sense. nicely said about our people in the service too. i agree.
shaun, i was going to post one about my nephew over there but you beat me to it.

Anonymous sarcastic journalist commented at 4:47 PM~  

welcome home!!

Blogger Cat commented at 5:38 PM~  

I concur. "Incredibly quickly" is indeed grammatically correct. Redundant, but correct. Now listen my little students: in this example, "quickly" is being used as an adverb, modifying the verbs "grow up" and "mature." "Incredibly" is being used as an adverb as well, modifying said adverb "quickly," so there you go.

Conversely, if you were to say (as well you may), "Cat has an incredibly quick wit," you would also be correct.

My students LOVED me. No, really. LOVED.

Then again, "It is I!" and "This is she" are also grammatically correct, and who uses those bad boys these days, eh? (Me. I do. *sigh*)

Weirdly, I could have sworn when I took a quick peek at this post (at work this morning), it actually said, "incredibly quick." And I was all, "Huh. That ain't right, yo?" But you must have fixed it. Good on you, dawg!

Blogger Cat commented at 5:42 PM~  

And a big THANK YOU to Dennis. God bless you, sir, for defending our great country (that's right, I'll say it!) and all it stands for. My kids pray for you and others like you every night. I hope you feel their love, honor, and respect. And mine.

Blogger kimmyk commented at 6:41 PM~  

**A note to Dennis**

Just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do everyday. I've spent the last 5 years being a part of the 3rd Ranger Batallion and I prayed everyday my honey wouldn't see action while in Afghanistan and he prayed everyday he would. I'm sure you are/were no different. It takes a very selfless individual to put your life on the line for individuals who may not always support what you're doing over there. Just know in our house-you're a hero...
"Honey" says--"when ya go back kid, get low and getcha some! Hooah!"

To your family--thank you.

Blogger Susie commented at 7:06 AM~  

I was over at Kristine's and got the full treatment. She made me cry incredibly quickly. Good for you Shaun, for being such a good dad to such a good guy.

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