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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

, originally uploaded by slowchildrenatplay.

April 27, 2006-

The crew of Where Are They Now has found another one-hit wonder. Constantine, the ousted Greek-God from 2005 AI fame, is now super-sizing his talents in Des Moines, Iowa.

The staff of Burger City couldn't be happier. At least twice a month, fans recognize him, forcing the manager to keep his prized soon-to-be assistant manager in the limelight, the drive-thru.

"Hey, man. I still have a microphone, and NO ONE rocks the deep fryer like I do", said Constantine.

"A few months ago, Bo came through on tour, and he ordered shakes for his entire entourage. It was pretty cool, we got free passes to his show and he even signed my name tag. Not sure if he remembered me though."

posted by Shaun at 10:30 PM
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Blogger Shaun commented at 10:54 PM~  

Sorry, Cat.....I had no control. I HAD to do it. I feel bad about it, if that helps.

Blogger kimmyk commented at 3:55 AM~  

I'll take a hamburger happy meal and a large coke.

Blogger KC commented at 5:17 AM~  


He looks so natural there. I bet he never loses focus off the security cameras....

Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 6:16 AM~  

NO! Don't make fun of him today!
I am pissed off! I can't believe the boy went bye bye last night!

Blogger Cat commented at 7:51 AM~  

I think I hate you.

Blogger Cat commented at 7:51 AM~  

And hee!

Blogger Cat commented at 7:52 AM~  

Oooooh, I should totally link you to the Betty boards! That'd learn ya! (evil smirking and hand wringing)

Blogger Shaun commented at 7:57 AM~  

I think the Betty Boards already know of me. I might not be the most popular person there!! hehehe...send them my way. I'd love to read those fanatics' comments.

Blogger Cat commented at 8:28 AM~  

Dude, I just. can't. do it. I think they would hunt you down and kill you dead. Seriously. It's rabid over there. RABID! I do NOT associate myself with the Betty boards! My love is pure!

Blogger Cat commented at 8:41 AM~  

I totally crack myself up.

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 11:38 AM~  

Cat you crack me up too!

Blogger augieboy commented at 2:22 PM~  

hilarious as always, shaun. think i should cut my hair short and put away the leather jacket incredibly quickly (!), now that the 80s rocker look will fade with his demise.

too bad, i woulda let him make the top 3 on charisma alone (odd as it was).

Blogger The Macek Collective commented at 5:18 PM~  

A moral and social dilemma - Is it a good thing or a bad thing I don't know who this fucklenut is?

Blogger kimmyk commented at 5:27 PM~  

have ya read the smoking gun update yet? scandalous!

Blogger The Fonz commented at 7:02 PM~  

Shaun I think you should be looking over your shoulder Cat will be sneaking up on you at no given time... I was blowen away that Lover boy was out I thought for sure is was going to be trec boy.... Shaun you were pretty close on the story about Blinkie "Scotie" I heard today that he was really arrested for domestic violence a few years ago but the charges were dropped , and Bo was also arrested for drugs, but now had has been drug free for a few years. I think he is a good roll model for America Idol it tells the kids look where I was and if I can do it you guys can..But of course I think he is HOT! You Rock Bo

Blogger dashababy commented at 6:37 AM~  

Now if I could just get that bad rendition of Nichelback outta my head Id be happy.

Anonymous Constantine commented at 9:47 AM~  

I am gay. I am so freakin' gay, I amaze myself.
Hey, Shaun. How you doin'?

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 11:55 AM~  

back away from my man Constantine!

Anonymous Constantine, Burger City Ass. Man. commented at 1:24 PM~  

Hey, Shaun, thanks for helping with the publicity for my new gig. Because of you, Burger City has asked me to help with PR and marketing. I even came up with a new combo to compete with McD's Happy Meal. I call it the "Gay Meal." And they promoted me to Assistant Manager!

Blogger butterstar commented at 8:43 PM~  

heehee! You SO crack me up, Shaun.

I missed voting for Pope Idol. whaah!

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