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Saturday, April 16, 2005

, originally uploaded by slowchildrenatplay.

OK, after a disturbingly violent end to our last round, we move forward.

We are down to the final five. And ths time, bloggers, the decision will be yours. Our judges will remain, but their votes mean nothing now. YOUR votes will decide who the next Pope will be.

Stay tuned, we're thiiiiiiiis close to selecting a winner!! Don't vote yet, you'll get your chance this weekend.

posted by Shaun at 1:10 AM
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Anonymous Almighty God commented at 10:23 AM~  

Shaun, this is God: If you write anymore blogs about people getting shot in the head, Im gonna have to come down there and whip your ass. Got it! Now is the time for the Fonz to come back as predicted by the prophets way back when. If you read your bible, you would know these things. Its in the book of Martha, yeah thats right.

Blogger kimmyk commented at 11:06 AM~  

You know your blogs the shit when you have the Almighty God commenting.
I think the Fonz should be the Wildcard that gets called back. Like a do-over.

Blogger Susie commented at 7:05 PM~  

I don't have time to comment. I have to go to my second freakin' job, since Martha shot her damn self and I lost all that money on her stock.

Blogger little sister commented at 8:55 AM~  

LMFAO! I had to click 'almight god' 3 times at least to believe it was Dashababy.

Makes me think of Salma Hayek in Dogma: "I told you she was a woman."

Is the book of Martha New or Old Testament?

At least we still have a chance for Poprah . . .

Blogger Tina commented at 10:40 AM~  

Ok so instead of paying for my shrink you can just bring back the Fonz.... That is payment enough. The flash backs are gone again, now just dreaming of rubber duckies.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 3:40 PM~  

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Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes commented at 6:14 AM~  

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