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Sunday, April 03, 2005


stupid pills, originally uploaded by slowchildrenatplay.

People are stupid. We all know this, but sometimes reminders are nice. For example, if someone posts a fake article ON APRIL FOOL'S DAY about a famous contestant on a famous reality show, and you get genuinely upset by this, you are pathetic. REALLY.

If your emotional reaction to a JOKE is to actually take the time to e-mail anyone and everyone, you're pathetic. If you're stupid enough to get fooled for more than a minute or two by a fake news story, you shouldn't be allowed to operate a computer or vote for anythingm ever. When your adult education school votes for its prom king/queen, I don't want a ballot near you.

Honestly, for anyone whose interests, appearances, logos, etc were used in a manner other than your intended purposes, I apologize. They were used in an innocent manner as a private joke.

If you have no DIRECT interest to my news story parody, fuck off. The apology doesn't extend to you.

posted by Shaun at 7:22 PM
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Blogger Shaun commented at 7:27 PM~  

Cat, this message is NOT directed at you. You took the joke like a champ. The joke was meant to be semi-private, as I usually don't have many visitors to my blog.

Anonymous kristine commented at 7:33 PM~  

You started a joke...that got the whole internet...pissed.

*hug* It's okay honey, Everyone who really knows you...or eKnows you, knows that you meant it as a joke to get Cat on April Fools.

What's funny is they all think you're like some sort of computer hacker/genius. HAHHAHAHA. If only they knew that you're lucky if you can open your email every day!

Blogger Shaun commented at 9:35 PM~  

what's this "e-mail" you speak of?

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 11:32 PM~  

In lieu of the 'buzz' of Shaun's blog about Constantine we thought we better check the search engines to see if it actually went as far as the people on the AI boards made it sound. I mean, come on...it was just an april fools joke between 2 people.

Uh...he uh..made it on Constantine's bands website!


The people freaking out realized it was an April fools joke about half way through and mellowed out a bit. It's too much to think it was funny, and wasn't meant for anyone other than our blog friend who loves Constantine.

So uh...Constantine...if you read this blog (okay, I had to laugh) yo'dawg...it was a joke.
We'll vote for you on Tuesday to make it up to you k?

P.S. Good thing our other blog friend, pissy, isn't a fan of the pope....hmm...now there is an idea.

Blogger Cat commented at 3:03 AM~  

Oh. My. GOSH! What a bunch of morons! Panties in a twist and all that over a PRANK? (Which was WICKED funny, by the way! I'm still laughing that I believed it for ten WHOLE minutes!) I say screw 'em. Stupid bastards.

You guys, on the other hand, rock. ;)

Blogger Cat commented at 3:15 AM~  

BTW: I just posted the follwoing on the site Kristine linked:
"Oh my gosh. Talk about people having way too much time on their hands. How about a bunch of people getting their panties in a twist and posting incessantly over an April Fools prank from friend to friend? I personally thought it was HILARIOUS, and I was the one it was directed towards (because of my slavish love of Constantine which I post about on MY blog). So how about you give my friend a break, eh? He was playing an April Fools joke. He's a nice guy. It sounds as if several of you have too much time on YOUR hands. Stop with the rabid fanship and move the freak ON. It took me about five minutes to figure out it was fake, and I laughed my ass off. Good lord. It's called a sense of HUMOR. Try GETTING ONE!"
I can't BELIEVE people would be so stupid. I hope they aren't harrassing you too much. Crazy Constantine freaks. They give the word "fan" a bad name, eh?

Blogger Shaun commented at 6:15 AM~  

thanks Cat....I'm hoping this thing just dies now. It did have me and Kristine alternately scratching our heads in awe and laughing our asses off. Or, wait, were we scratching our asses and laughing......not important. Crazy shit.

Blogger little sister commented at 6:39 AM~  

Dang! I missed it. I new I should have checked this blog more often.

Sorry those people went nuts. In times like these, one should appreciate a good joke.

Anonymous mrtl commented at 7:19 AM~  

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke! I can't believe you took the pictures down; you worked so hard and they were so pretty. You had me fooled that you were some kind of computer genius. haha

And what if Constantine comes here? He won't get to see what all the fuss was about!

Constantine, if you do come here, please go to Cat's blog and say hello. She wuvs you wots!

Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 7:55 AM~  

Like I said, people are fucking tardos. Stupid ass tardos. What the fuck is this world coming to.

Blogger Shaun commented at 8:21 AM~  

Maybe things will change when Constantine rules the world.

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 8:21 AM~  

Okay, I have to stop. I went and was reading some of the "GGG's" websites.

If they spent HALF or even a QUARTER of amount of time reporting ISPs and sending notices to the officials about people who put up Child Porn then there would be NOTHING to worry about.

Instead Shaun, you're fucking satan and you will go down. Damn you for having a life outside of their world!

If only they had ANY clue what kind of person you really are.

Blogger butterstar commented at 9:02 AM~  

wow, there must be a lot more people reading your blog than you expected! I thought it was pretty funny, myself. People need to get a clue.

I can understand how his rabid upberfans would be upset though--if it causes even one person not to vote for him, to them, that's detrimental to his chances (not that he'd win anyway--ack! The boy can't even sing! Sorry, cat :).

But still...it was a JOKE! Problem was, that it got too much exposure--something you NEVER intended, so you should not be getting all this hate (b/c it was obviously just a joke between you and cat, and not meant to be out there for public consumption anyway).

I don't know you Shaun, but ya' know what? I think I love you. *snicker*

Blogger Candace commented at 11:49 AM~  

Y'know, I saw it. I thought it was real. I didn't care. See, I don't even WATCH American Idol. Not my kind of music.

Good fake picture, though! I really thought it was real.

People need to chill the fuck out. Seriously.

Blogger KC commented at 12:00 PM~  

You mean it was a joke?? And here I thought that Constantine finally had some "street cred"

Blogger kimmyk commented at 1:37 PM~  

Ok, so now that you've hit the internet what are ya gonna do? I'd say go to Disney but uh..ya did that already. It's gonna be big man...gonna be big!
If AI gets pissy with ya-direct 'em to your publicist *winkwink* PissyBritches and let them talk to her. Or direct 'em to your Flea Market Idol post-they'll see the humor in it then.
I can hardly wait for Cat's birthday to see what ya do to her if this is what she gets on April Fools.
I'm glad to say I read your blog when you were just like the rest of us...before you went large. WTG man!

Blogger Shaun commented at 2:03 PM~  

Kimmy, is 'going large' code for jail?

lol....I wish I could say that this was intentional, that I'm sort of e-rebel. Just a joke that many stupid people ran with and have obviously obsessed over.

Thanks for everyone's support and laughs. Be sure to send me cigarettes when I'm in the pokey. Don't send them directly to Kristine or I'll never see them!!

Blogger Cat commented at 5:40 AM~  

Gosh, you = Popular Blogster! I certainly hope you aren't REALLY afraid there will be legal ramifications, 'cuz, just, NO. Not going to happen. Puh-leeze. Actually, I rather enjoy all the puffing of chests and "proper authorities have been notified" posturing. Quite amusing. But please put your pictures back up! They are too funny! Oh, but wait a sec. Uh-oh. Have "they" already gotten to you? (Blink twice for yes...)

Anonymous Becky commented at 9:40 AM~  

I've been reading along for a few days now...shaking my head and laughing my ass off at the same time. (see, that's talent!)

Anyway, it was a hilarious joke. Those who need to get a life need to unwad their panties and move on. Immediately. Seriously people, you're embarrassing yourselves.

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