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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Whooaaaa.......CRAZY shit happening to one of my favorite shows. Within a day of each other, two AI heartthrobs (lol) may be getting the boot for past crimes.

First, the White Ruben has a past domestic violence arrest hit the press. Then, despite Cat's appeals to the Supreme Court, I Can't Believe Its Not Butter toothed Constantine has his Greek-God name tarnished by an arrest from only a year ago (fight with an angry fan, they must not have liked hardcore Partridge Family songs).

Crazy, crazy shit. Next we'll find out that Trach Boy's scar is really from a knife fight with Carrie from when they were both getting intiated into the Bloods in Compton.

posted by Shaun at 9:22 PM
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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 10:09 PM~  

I saw the same thing on the Fox local news here a little while ago. The Fox people werent saying anything about how their going to handle this!! Maybe they can let them fight each other to see who stays!!

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 12:21 AM~  

Good Idea Anon!

I think Scott (aka Blinky) could take them all!

Blogger Cat commented at 4:26 AM~  

My sweet Constantine?! YOU LIE!! LAIR! Okay, I scooped you on the White Bread Ruben thing, but I missed the Constantine arrest. Is that for real? Where do you get that? Enquiring minds and all that shiz...

Blogger Cat commented at 4:27 AM~  

"LAIR"? I totally meant lier. Sorry. I couldn't let such a glaring typo go uncorrected. Recovering English teacher, etc.

Blogger Cat commented at 4:28 AM~  

Damn! LIAR! Not LAIR, not LIER! GAH!

Blogger Shaun commented at 6:04 AM~  

Yep, sorry Cat........click on "Constantine" in my post for the story on Yahoo. Ironically, I like him more with an arrest under his belt!!

Blogger Cat commented at 7:33 AM~  

Ah. Well. You know, I think Constantine's Rocker Street Credibility Meter just went through the roof. In a GOOD way. Nothing wrong with a rock solid barroom brawl under your belt! Heh...

Blogger Cat commented at 7:36 AM~  

Wait, you're such a freaking liar! That's a put-on!

Anonymous mrtl commented at 7:57 AM~  

I just want to say that the half of Constantine with the exposure effect makes him pretty hot. [oh no, will saying that start a cat fight?] Could you post the whole pic? Please?

Blogger Shaun commented at 8:18 AM~  

Don't blame the messenger!!!!

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 10:11 AM~  

hee hee.

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 10:16 AM~  

mrtl - it's because his mouth isn't open and you can't see the teeth. I swear!

Blogger Shaun commented at 10:58 AM~  

mrtl, just click on his name in the post and you can see Cat's bad boy.

Anonymous mrtl commented at 7:02 PM~  

Shaun, most men are more attractive when their mouths are shut. I must, however, commend you for your exceptional display of Yahoo! forgery.

~ mrtl
Founding Member, AMASAAWWTSM
(All Men Are Slime And All Women Want Those Slimy Men)
Est. 1990

Blogger Mahon commented at 5:42 PM~  

Anyone who likes american idol should be hit in the head with the pope hammer.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 6:07 PM~  

you have started all sorts of controversy on the AI boards with that link.. I don't know if was you who created it, I assume it was, but you're being reported all over the place for all sorts of things.. Might want to take a browse through this post if you're not already aware of it:


By the way, some of your photos made me laugh.

Blogger kimmyk commented at 7:55 AM~  

Man, shoulda had 'em put a link on the AI site-then your site would have national exposure!

Blogger Shaun commented at 12:27 PM~  

geeeeez, people take this stuff WAYYYY too seriously. It was an APRIL FOOLS DAY joke. The blog has since been removed, sorry for any drama this caused!!

Anonymous kristine commented at 12:42 PM~  

randomandodd said...
I went to the website and read all those comments. I guess from years of being on newsgroups and lists that have made me a bit thick skinned.
Everyone is all freaking out about someone saying something mean about someone else.
MY GOD PEOPLE chill the fuck out.
It was an April Fools joke for Cat who loves Constantine.
It was a PRIVATE joke that people freaked the fuck out about.
Slander, Libel...calling Shaun an ASSHOLE. Puh-leaze! Smart ass, yes...asshole. NO.
Think about what you say to people. Shaun's was a joke...not meant to be 'mean' or 'hurt anyone' (Well except Cat, but it was only an APRIL FOOLS joke)
Trust me, if he wanted to pick on people, and be mean and hurt people's feelings he could easily be an asstroll on other people's websites...he could do it anonmously too, he doesn't.

And like what I say on my website, if you don't like what you read, DON'T READ IT.


Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 6:17 AM~  

Excuse me but people are just FUCKING retarded. Get a grip you assholes.
Ok..thank you..Shaun I thought the post was hilarious. Like Kristine said..if you don't like it GO the FUCK AWAY!

Blogger Cat commented at 3:45 AM~  

What happened to the picture?

Blogger nope commented at 12:45 AM~  


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